Keep Boerne Beautiful October Tip

By Judy Edmondson, Executive Director, KEEP BOERNE BEAUTIFUL


Why Recycle?


Boerne is a rapidly growing community that is blessed to be located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  Many of you moved to the Boerne area because of its beauty, charm, and excellent quality of life.  Our quality of life expectations include beautiful surroundings absent of litter (and cigarette butts) on the streets, sidewalks and trails, as well as stinky landfills that often fill up too quickly due to the lack of recycling efforts on our part. Waste Management, who transports waste items to San Antonio and Austin for sorting and recycling, services our in-city recyclables.  Kendall County residents are now fortunate to have a new County Recycling Center located at 44 Spanish Pass.


Recycling reduces our dependence on landfills and incinerators.  It also conserves our natural resources by reducing the need for raw materials, by conserving both raw materials and energy, and by reducing the amount of waste we produce.  Thats why buying products made from recycled materials makes good sense.  Be sure to always look at the level of post-consumer recycled content in a product; this is the material that has been collected from consumers and reprocessed and made the full recycle circle.


Some Recycling Facts, compliments of Clovis, California:

      If Americans recycled just one-tenth of their newspapers, we would save 25 million trees a year.

      Recycling and reusing the material in tin cans reduces energy by 74%, air pollution by 85%, solid waste by 95%, and water pollution by 76%.  On a local note, our BISD cafeteria staff recycles the large commercial size tin cans used in our school cafeterias.  The money from this project helps provide college scholarships awarded to their children.

      It takes 95% less energy, and costs less, to make aluminum by recycling it than by producing it from natural ore, bauxite.  One can can be recycled up to eight times!

      In one year, American steel recycling saves enough energy to heat and light 18 million homes.  One pound of steel saves enough energy to light a 60-watt bulb for 24 hours. 

      Every year, Americans throw away enough office and writing paper to build a wall twelve feet high from New York to Los Angeles.

      If everyone would use ONE less plastic garbage bag per month for one year, the plastic waste reduction would be enough to COVER Mount Rainier.

      Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Renew!


WHY RECYCLE?  One very simple reason:  Its the right thing to do!


October 26 is National Make a Difference Day.  The mission of Keep Boerne Beautiful (501c3) is to educate and empower the citizens of Boerne to make a difference in their community.


 This year, Keep Boerne Beautiful will be hosting its 9th Annual Make a Difference Day Event on Saturday, October 26th.  For the first time, we will be accepting recyclables!  These include glass, plastics, paper, and aluminum.  Please rinse any food/liquid containers out before bringing to recycle.  We also accept old Cellphones that you no longer use.


Please mark the date and come out and help Make a Difference in your community! This is a great opportunity to earn Community Service Hours.  Oh, and Boerne Businesses – help Make a Difference by forming a team and coming out as well!  Email any questions to


Who Keeps Boerne Beautiful?  I Do!  You Do!  We ALL Do!