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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people litter?Research by Keep America Beautiful found that people litter because they feel no sense of ownership, even though areas such as parks and beaches are public property, they believe someone else, a park maintenance or highway worker, will pick up after them or the litter has already accumulated.

What are the most common types of roadside litter?
· Fast food packaging (20% of roadside litter)
· Tobacco litter including cigarette butts (19 %)
· Household/personal items like cardboard pieces (19%) and
· Non-alcoholic beverage containers (16%)

What are a few facts about trash?
The average American throws away 5 pounds of trash a day.
Americans throw away enough office and writing paper annually to build a wall twelve feet high stretching from LA to New York City.
Americans go through 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour.