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formed in 1953 when a group of corporate and civic leaders met in New York City to discuss a revolutionary idea — bringing the public and private sectors together to develop and promote a national cleanliness ethic.

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Dates back to 1967, when the State of Texas was preparing for the Hemisfair and more than sixteen million tourists were expected to visit the State.

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Solid Waste Basics

Did you know that Texans throw away enough trash each year to fill the Astrodome every two weeks? When you throw out your trash, do you ever stop to think who will take care of it or where it goes? Since we don't see piles of paper, glass, cans, or plastic outside our front doors, most of us never have to worry about how to get rid of it. The average Americans throws out an average of 7.8 pounds per day. The United States, with only 5 percent of the world’s population, generates 50 percent of the world’s waste.

Most trash gets hauled away to landfills where it's buried. To build a landfill, a huge hole is dug and then lined with clay or huge sheets of plastic. When a landfill is full of trash, layers of soil and clay seal it inside.

The trash in a landfill lasts a long time. Garbologists study landfills by drilling core samples. Landfill excavations have discovered 35-year-old newspapers you can still read. Even after 20 years, an ear of corn and a hot dog are easily identifiable. Listed below are some basics on recycling and ideas on how you can get involved.